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Since 1998, Catering By Johnny Haffner has been offering at-home catering and event catering services in Nashville, TN. From fresh, homemade pastas to decadent desserts, we can dish up a variety of unique plates for you. Our catering team and chef create three, five and six-course meals for special events, private parties and dinner parties.



You want your special day to be perfect, so rely on Catering By Johnny Haffner for your wedding catering needs.



With fresh, seasonal ingredients and a customized catering menu, you can treat your guests to a memorable event.

Catering By Johnny Haffner does it all

Catering By Johnny Haffner offers a wide range of culinary services, including:

Event catering:

From corporate party catering to weddings and private events, Catering By Johnny Haffner can serve elegant meals at any kind of event.

Event catering:

At-home catering:

Gather a small group of friends to enjoy a three, five or six-course meal that we prep ahead of time and finish at your home.

At-home catering:

If you're interested in booking a private dinner party or wedding catering services, get in touch with Catering By Johnny Haffner today.




5 reasons to choose Catering By Johnny Haffner for your event

We offer culinary experiences unlike any other. You want to choose Catering By Johnny Haffner because we're:


Experienced: Johnny Haffner has over four decades of culinary experience.


Thoughtful: Your event will run smoothly because we pay attention to every detail.


Creative: We can help you create a customized menu to suit your style or theme.


Passionate: We're always coming up with innovative menu options and breaking culinary boundaries to bring you delicious dishes.


Versatile: From decadent desserts to vegan options, we can create any dish to match your preferences.